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Super-Oxidized Solutions - Advanced Healing & Infection Control

Microdacyn® Wound Care

Super-oxidised solutions and hydrogels for wound management

Our Microdacyn family of products are clinically proven to reduce time to wound healing in severe wounds such as diabetic foot ulcers, venous ulcers and burns while providing more efficacious infection control with less toxicity to human tissue than traditional antiseptics and irrigation solutions.

Microdacyn represents a major technological advancement in infection control and tissue viability.

At a time when antibiotic resistance is creating huge problems for our ability to effectively manage wound infection, Microdacyn is poised to make a significant improvement in wound management outcomes.


Super-oxidised solutions formulated for specialist treatment needs

MicroHeal uses the same breakthrough technology found in Microdacyn but formulated to meet different the needs of specific treatment areas.

Leading MicroHeal formulations include;

  • Epicyn Silicone Hydrogel
    Suture Line, Wound and Scar Treatment

  • Nasocyn Nasal Spray Hydrogel
    Nasal Treatment with Antimicboail Effect


Bladder Irrigation for adjunct UTI prevention and treatment

Microdox is a unique bladder irrigation which fulfils the requirements of an effective UTI prevention and treatment.
The ready-to-use, speciality super-oxidised solution formula is effective in the physical removal of UTI-causing bacteria, biofilms and drug-resistant microbes


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