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Microdacyn Ranged in TWCM & Amcal Pharmacies

In collaboration with local partner, Plunketts Pharmaceuticals the Microdacyn over-the-counter range consisting of Microdacyn Wound Care Solution 120ml and Microdacyn Hydrogel 60g is set to be ranged on 400+ Terry White Chemmarts nationwide in early 2021.

This addition comes shortly after Sigma Healthcare ranged Microdacyn in its flagship banner groups Amcal and Guardian pharmacies in 2020 highlighting the growing need for effective, evidence-based products in the first-aid and wound management categories to address the increasingly prevalence of chronic and hard-to-heal wounds in Australia.

Wound care specialists have welcomed the introduction of Microdacyn at local community pharmacies providing easy-access to a simple and effective treatment that ahs previously been confined to hospitals and specialist clinics. Pharmacies wanting more information should contact Plunketts Pharmaceuticals or head to

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