Microdacyn Technology Extended To Scar Management For Burns, Trauma & Post Surgical Use

Updated: Aug 22, 2018

As clinical evidence relating to Hypochlorous acid technology continues to emerge as the superior base for advanced tissue therapies so does the scope of application. Leading this growth in clinical application, Te Arai BioFarma recently launched a new Microdacyn + Silicone gel combination product for scar management called Epicyn.

Epicyn is already supported by a recent double-blinded, randomised control trial whereby its efficacy in resolving common scar metrics such as; pliability, height, itch and pain was compared head to head with the current gold standard of topical scar therapy, 100% pure silicone gel (Kelo-Cote). (Gold et al 2017)

The synergistic effects of Microdaycn's HOCl in combination with silicone gel proved to be more effective than standard 100% silicone alone marking the next era in topical silicone scar management regimes, especially post wound healing with non-cytotoxic Microdacyn

Epicyn has a new healthcare professional brochure out now (seen here),

Continue the movement towards hypochlorous acid technology with Epicyn!

More product and clinical information on Epicyn can be found at www.epicyn.com.au or by calling Te Arai BioFarma on 1800 83 2724.

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